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Week 15 Football Pool Results

All good things must come to an end, and so my little win streak ends. On a week where no one got to the .500 mark, Hopelessjaysfan and Hugo tied for the best with 7 of 16 right. But Hugo was closer in the tie-breaker, so he's the big winner. Carm and I were each one short of that at 6 of 16. In our defense it was one of those week's gamblers hate, 6 of the games were within 2 points of the spread.

This weeks winners with the spread were New Orleans Jacksonville, Detroit, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, St. Louis, Buffalo, Houston, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Kansas City, Minnesota, New England, Dallas and Philadelphia. 

Congratulations Hugo. Two weeks left to the season and there is a Thursday game again this week so I'll put up the pool early tomorrow.