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The Patient Ferris Wheel: Cabrera and Capuano

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Wow, the Gaslight Anthem is good. 

Anyway, good morning on this chilly friday morning.  This past weekend we discussed some interesting names on the non-tender list, including two starting pitchers: Chris Capuano and Daniel Cabrera.  Some wanted to take a look at Cabrera, others (me included) liked the look of Capuano quite a bit better given the likely price tags.  We learned later that the Blue Jays were one of many teams interested in Cabrera. 

Earlier this week, the Brewers re-signed Capuano to a minor-league contract with incentives.  This was a very good deal for the Brewers.  Maybe we never had a chance to sign the young lefty away from his former team, but I would have guaranteed him a little money and offered similar incentives in an effort to do so.  The Jays have the spot open for him if he is effective and healthy enough to take it, so it's not like he'd be blocking anyone. 

That brings us to Cabrera.  Apparently Cabrera has no shortage of suitors, and one team has talked to him about a multi-year deal.  If that is the case, I do not think the Jays should sign him.  Cabrera's K numbers, formerly the biggest thing Cabrera had going for him, fell apart last season and he continued to walk way too many.  He also battled elbow problems and lost velocity on his fastball without measurably improving his control.  He might put together the occasional dominant start but I'm not sure he'd be any better than Scott Richmond or Ricky Romero, not that I'm expecting those two guys to light up the league.  Anyway, if you're still high on Cabrera, maybe this fangraphs story will put you off it.