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Bits and Pieces on a Saturday

The Globe has a little story on Aaron Hill saying he is ready to play. It is good to see, as much for him as for the team. Head injuries are scary things. It will be great to see him in the infield, my little hope is that he will move over to short. He'd instantly be one of the best, if not the best shortstop in the AL. I like his optimism too:

“A.J. did a great job for us last season, but we have some young kids that had a chance to do some things and it's also looking pretty promising in the farm system. It's was a great opportunity for them and hopefully they will come up, prove themselves and help us next season.”

At SI's Hotstove Tracker there is a little piece saying the Jays are 'fielding inquires about Vernon Wells'. It is not saying the Jays are shopping him but that they are listening when teams inquire about him. Which, I would hope, should go without saying. I mean, if I'm GM, anytime asking about any player I'd listen to. Why not? What does it hurt, I would never say someone is untouchable. 

In Vernon's case, I'm sure the Jays wouldn't mine his contract going away. But I can't see anyone wanting to pick up that contract. And I can't see the Jays paying some of the contract if someone took him. So I can't imagine anything coming of it. has the A's talking to Jason Giambi. The Rays are also apparently talking to him but there is no suggestion of any offer. I'm kind of hoping someone signs one of the bunch of DH types that are on the market, just so we can get some idea of what sort on contracts they'll be getting. Many then we could see if the Jays could afford one. 

And, if you want to read something non-baseball related and if, like me, A Wonderful Life is one of your favorite holiday movies, Wendell Jamieson has a slightly cynical look at the movie in the NY Times. He says a lot of things I agree with, George Bailey as played by Jimmy Stewart wasn't very nice to his wife, I have no idea why she'd marry him. The town, as he is shown it if he wasn't born, was a more interesting place. Bert the Cop would be fired for shooting at George on a crowded street. And yes even though George was able to return the money, he'd still end up going to jail.

But I love the film. Cry at the end every time. Jimmy Stewart is great at acting like he is going around the bend. I love all the characters and think Lionel Barrymore was terrific as the bad guy after a long career of playing the leading man. A bit of trivia: Sesame Street's Ernie and Bert were named after the cop and the taxi driver in the movie.

For me it isn't Christmas until I watch that movie.