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You've Got a New Horizon, It's Ephemeral Style / A Melancholy Town Where We Never Smile

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This fangraphs piece takes a look at the Jays' organizational depth at first base and it is nice to read about how much improved the position is.  This had previously been a black hole in the Jays organizational system so it's great to see that the Jays recognized a problem and addressed it. 

The newest Jay is Randy Ruiz, career minor-leaguer and mostly DH who spent some time with the Twins last season.  He has put up some good minor-league numbers, particularly in the power department.  Though his power isn't really expected to translate to the  majors (Marcel has him projected at just .268/.339/.411), he would've been better than what we were running out last season so it can't hurt.  

Apparently Cabrera's deal with the Nats is for $2.6 million base and 1 year.  Teams have certainly payed more for less, but Cabrera is coming off an awful season and has never had a good one.

Today's title comes from "Feel Good Inc" by the Gorrilaz, the weirdest and best side project ever.  It seemed to fit.  Enjoy your Sundays, everyone!