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All I Want For Christmas

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Since there is little Jay news at the moment I thought we might share what we would like to get for Christmas that is baseball related

Me? Well there are a couple of baseball books I'd like to have. One is '101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out'. I should have thought of that amazon link back when there was time to get it shipped. Darn. Anyway We have taken some baseball related holidays over the years and this book might suggest some other good ones.


Another book I'd like is 'The Greatest Game: The Yankees, the Red Sox and the Playoff of '78'. 1978 was the season I started getting interested in baseball. I remember the playoff game and Bucky ****** Dent and my hero at the time, Carl Yastrzemski, popping up in the 9th. Bill Lee was to soon become one of my favorite Expos. Someone said 'the Golden Age for anything is when you are 12' and that's true with me and baseball. It never got better than that.


I'd also like a new Blue Jay cap as we are off to Mexico next week and since the sun has just been a rumour for the last little while around this little outpost I call home, I'll need something to protect my little head, while I drink my weight in Dox Equis and Superior beer. 

Share with us your baseball type Christmas wants.