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Obligatory Santa List

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Is there anything lamer than doing a list of what Santa should bring various sports people? Likely not....but then again here we go...

Alex Rios....Home runs, lots of them and the a center field glove.

Vernon Wells....No trips to the DL and a season that stops us from talking about his contract.

Shaun Marcum....A recovery with no set backs and a 2010 as good as 2008 looked, with more run support.

Lyle Overbay....the lead off role and enough home runs to keep the fans off his back.

Aaron Hill...No headaches and a shortstop glove.

Scott Rolen....Health, the economy sized package.

Rod Barajas....Consistency and the ability to play everyday, because we don't have anyone one else except....

Curtis Thigpen....The potential he seemed to have 3 years ago.

Cito....The ability to run a pitching staff without causing any injuries and the offensive magic we all hoped he have on our batters.

Joe Inglett...The chance to prove that last season wasn't a fluke and, of course, not proving it was a fluke.

Adam Lind....Some range and a full time job. And somewhere close to that 40 home run potential we thought he'd have.

Marco Scutaro....Another great season with the glove, and no games in the leadoff spot. Oh, actually that last one is for me. I hate watching him hit leadoff.

Gregg Zahn....A contract and role that makes him feel useful.

Brad Wilkerson....Ummmm anything he wants as long as it isn't a contract from JP.

Roy Halladay....The Cy Young award he deserved last year.

AJ Burnett....Nothing, he got enough from the Yankees.

BJ Ryan....A trade to the Brewers for JJ Hardy.

Jose Bautista...A platoon role....hope he plays well enough to keep it.

Dustin McGowan....A quick recovery.

Dirk Hayhurst....A new title for his blog, something like 'A Rookie in Toronto'.

Scott Richmond....A fairy tale ending to an amazing story.

Casey Janssen....33 starts.

Jesse Litsch....A whole season like the finish of last season.

Downs, Carlson, Tallet, League.....To be just as good as last year.

Manny Ramirez....A new agent.

Jeremy Accardo....See Rolen.

Russ Adams....His release and a chance to start anew somewhere else.

Jason Frasor....The chance to pitch in some high leverage spots, with some other team.

David Purcey....All the strikeouts, fewer of the walks.

Travis Snyder....The future everyone thinks he'll have.

Our Minor League Prospects....A step forward.

JP Ricardi....A bit of humility and a good cheap DH.

Bud Selig....Retirement.

MLB....A salary cap

The Jays....Fans, a few new sponsors and some hits with RISP.

Hugo....More hours in a day, man the guy does a lot.

Me.....Nothing, life is good....if I did ask for something, time with my boys and have them grow up just a little slower. Maybe some Blue Jay news to talk about. And a week in the sun in Mexico. Oh right, I'm getting that last one.

For All of Us....Health and happiness and some good baseball.