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The Last of Barrett's Privateers: Michael Barrett a Jay

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Thanks to Stan Rogers, Maritime Provinces singer of sea shanties and folk songs, for today's title.  We used to sing his songs all the time when I worked on a lobster boat in Maine. 

The Jays wasted no time in responding to the Yankees $186 million dollar signing of Mark Teixiera with a blockbuster signing of their own, catcher Michael Barrett

Seriously, though, I like the signing of Barrett.  When healthy, he has been an above average offensive catcher and is coming in on a minor-league deal, which won't wed the Jays to him should Arencibia develop quickly, Barrett falter, or Thigpen show more than expected.  Barrett had three excellent offensive seasons (for a catcher) in a row between 2004 and 2006 so there's certainly some upside.  And he has 31 points of career OBP, and 12 points of OPS+, on Rod Barajas, so that's good.  All in all, a decent if underwhelming piece of business.  We're still waiting for the Jays to guarantee someone some major-league money.   

In other news, the Red Sox appear to have reached an agreement with Brad Penny.  We liked Penny on this site and the Sox will be paying him $5 million with a potential additional $3 million based on his performance.  I'm sure many teams were in on Penny for $ 5 million / 1 year, so he had his choice of teams. 

The very slightly less terrible half of one of the worst platoons in baseball history, Kevin Mench, signed for $1.8 million with the Hanshin Tigers.  Of the Japanese League. 

Finally, the Nationals signed our old friend Gustavo Chacin to a minor league deal.  I know I wasn't the biggest fan of Chacin's pitching abilities (though I did stick up for the guy when he was inexplicably compared to Benito Mussolini) but best of luck, Gus.   If you start for the Nats at home, I will go watch you pitch.