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SOS Elephants

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So the news is no news on this chilly and quiet Wednesday morning.  The Braves appear to be trading for Ex-Expo Javier Vazquez.  That sounds like a good idea, though they may be giving up quite a bit as well.   I guess having McCann allows them to keep trading away their catching prospects.   

No real reason for the title (and the great photo), it comes from a song by Les Sans Culottes (that indie rock band who pretends they are French revolutionaries but actually live in Brooklyn), about elephants who break out of the Paris Zoo.  It also happens to be my daughter's favorite song at the moment.  The news has been quiet so I figured I'd share a bit of pop culture consumption (hence the title), because why not?  Toronto band Tokyo Police Club and their incredible record "Elephant Shell" have been in heavy rotation on my Itunes (which explains why elephants were on my mind), I've been treating my daughter to old clips of the Muppet Show and songs from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (unquestionably the best thing to come out of the writers' strike), and Whisper of the Heart was the best movie I've seen in a long, long time.  And who isn't excited about the new season of Flight of the Conchords?  Oh, and like Mike Wilner, I don't get Yellow Submarine.  Actually, my mom says that the Blue Meanies terrified me when I was a little kid.  I do like George's song "It's All Too Much" from the movie though.  A lot. 

Feel free to post what y'all are watching, listening, and looking forward to, and what you don't get, in the comments.  Perhaps a day of idle chatter will prompt some news.  Oh, and we'll be back with the latest Dangling Conversation installment later on today.