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Thursday Night Bits

Didn't get a moment to post today. Was a very long day. Won't bore people with the specifics but the lesson for the day was never leave your microphone and other sound equipment in the back of a van. Someone else might want it.

Over on Minor League Ball they are discussing Blue Jay prospects to prepare to make their own top 20 list. So join in and let them know we have some good players coming up.

The Jays are admitting that Burnett won't be back while continuing to try to lower expectations. If he is going to get a five year contract I'm not sad to see him leave. He is a heck of a pitcher at times but I think the odds are that the team that gives him five years will end up regretting it. Though it might be sore grapes on my part. How often does he make it thru a year without spending time on the DL?

Beyond the Boxscore thinks the Braves made out well in the Javier Vazquez trade. He is a heck of an upgrade over the starters thay had last year. I'm curious to see how his contract compares to what this year's free agents get. He is being paid a fair bit. I also agree with them about not really understanding what Kenny Williams is doing. I would think the White Sox would have a good shot in a weak AL Central, why not take a run at it? I know the economy isn't good but making the playoffs is worth a lot of money.

And Hardball Times makes the Hall of Fame case for one of my favorite all time players Tim Raines. Clearly he should be in the Hall, but won't happen this year I'm sure. It is too bad, there would be some poetry to having Ricky Henderson and Tim Raines going in at the same time.

And, because I love the song, I'm going to put up the video for Rodney Crowell's Sex and Gasoline. If for no other reason than it will make it easier for me to find when I want to see it. Is truely a great song.