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Joe Gordon Elected to the Hall of Fame

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The Veteran's Committee has elected Joe Gordon to the Hall of Fame. Guess I could start by saying if you go thru the marginal or out right stupid choices for the Hall you would see most of them were put in to the Hall by the Veteran's Committee. Gordon.......well he is a marginal choice.

Gordon played 11 seasons in the majors, and he was a heck of a player, he won the AL MVP and made the All-Star team 9 of the 11 seasons that he played in the majors. Interestingly the season he won the MVP the player that came second in the voting was Ted Williams. That season Gordon hit .322, with 18 homers, an OPS .900, 88 runs and 103 RBI. Ted? He hit .342, with 36 homers, an OPS of 1.147, 141 runs and 137 RBI.

So how did Gordon win the MVP? Well, the writers voted for the award and Williams wasn't exactly loved by the writers, he was not exactly a friendly fellow. Think Barry Bonds. Gordon was apparently well liked. Being likable is a good quality but it shouldn't get you a MVP award. And it shouldn't get you into the Hall of Fame. Friends of Gordon have been trying to get him into the Hall for year now. And now they have.

Gordon's career batting line? .268/.357/.466. He finished with 1530 hits and 253 home runs. No doubt he was a good player, but not quite a Hall of Fame type, at least in my view.