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Hello From Florida

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I'm thankful just to be in Florida right now. There's a big snow storm back home in Nova Scotia so my flight was delayed a little bit. I have just arrived in Florida and checked into my hotel. The weather down here is amazing. It's 75 and not a cloud to be seen.

The hotel is good. Close to the ballpark, plenty of space, nice and quiet, great pool and workout area. Just an overall great atmosphere. I can't complain.

By the time I arrived, the day's workout was over. They're relatively short until more players report. The early arrivals work out at the minor-league complex. Some notable Jays taking batting practice are: Aaron Hill, John McDonald, Adam Lind, and Curtis Thigpen.

There's quite a few pitchers here, including: Jesse Litsch, Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum, Casey Janssen, and Scott Downs.

Well, that's all for now. Chances are I'll sleep in tomorrow morning (I always do at hotels) until 11 A.M. , eat some breakfast/brunch, chill in the pool, find something to do to kill time until 5:00 , which is when Batting Practice starts. The pitchers are taking the day off tomorrow.