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Pitchers And Catchers Have Reported

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Pitchers and catchers report with the first set of physicals having started at 7:30. There will be no official workout today. That comes tomorrow.

As pitchers and catchers check in at Knology Park, early arriving position players will work out across the street at the minor-league complex. Reed Johnson will join that crew today or tomorrow.

To report, the players only have to inform the team they're in town then take a physical. The first workout tomorrow will begin around 10 a.m. My workout report for tomorrow won't be posted until evening because I plan on staying at Knology Park and trying to find a player to do an interview for Bluebird Banter, as well as take my friend out for dinner and entertainment as a 'Thank you' for everything he has done for me during ST. Does anybody know any good entertainment and/or foot places in the Florida/Dunedin area?