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Today's Workout and Dinner

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Just arrived back at the hotel from supper at Mystic Fish Seafood Grill. Great place and I recommend it to anyone in the Florida area.

The first workout started this morning around 11. The Jays had to be dressed at 10:45 and Jon Gibbons gave a brief talk before they hit the field.

The highlight of the first day is usually when they line up the starters in the main bullpen for their first throwing session. Beyond that, it's a lot of fielding drills.

No luck on the interview today. I'm going to try again tomorrow. There were a couple of guys who looked over at me and looked interested so I'm hoping they'll grant me an interview soon. I think they must have been to busy with the day's workout to consider an interview with someone who's not a reporter.

In case any of you are interested in the people who might be willing to give an interview, here's a list of the people: Casey Janssen, Shaun Marcum, Dustin McGowan, BJ Ryan, Curtis Thigpen, and Aaron Hill. Is there any particular Jay you guys want an interview from?