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Two Workouts

Nothing new to report except that BJ Ryan is throwing off a mound again, but most of you probably already know that.

The past couple of days have had the pitchers trying to keep runners close to the bag and having the catchers work on their throws down to second, with Aaron Hill, John McDonald, Adam Lind, Curtis Thigpen, and Reed Johnson each taking turns attempting to steal second off the catchers.

The Lightning game was awesome and very exciting, with the Capitals beating the Lightning 3-2. The best part of the game was when Lecalvier and Hlavac scored two goals within 33 seconds of each other.

I've been talking to Casey Janssen lately about the interview and it seems he'd be happy to answer a few of my questions, but not for another couple of days. I'm aiming to post the interview on Bluebird Banter exclusively on February 25th. A few days before I interview Tek, I'll make a post asking for any questions you would like him to answer. Please do not submit any questions until then!