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Scouting Report: AJ Widemen

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I have decided to post my Scouting Reports every second day, that way I don't become too busy and forget about the blog. But don't worry, I won't forget about the blog.

I have also decided to change up the format of the Scouting Reports. Here's today's Scouting Report on AJ Widemen.


AJ Widemen
Toronto Blue Jays
Left-Handed Pitcher

Scouts Rating: (When grading a player's tools, scouts use a standard 20-80 scale. When you read that a pitcher throws an above-average slider, it can be interpreted as a 60 pitch, or a plus pitch. Plus-plus is 70, or well-above-average, and so on. Scouts don't throw 80s around very freely.)

·    Overall: N/A
·    Average: N/A
·    Field: N/A
·    Speed: N/A
·    Arm: N/A
·    Power: N/A
·    ---------------
·    Overall: 60
·    Fastball: 50
·    Curveball: 60
·    Changeup: 60
·    Control: 70
·    Velocity: 50

Overall - Widemen is on his way to becoming an above average pitcher in the MLB. His fastball and his velocity are average, while his control is well above average. Both his curveball and his changeup are a plus pitch (or above average).

Average -  N/A
Fastball -  Widemen's fastball isn't anything spectacular. It consistently reaches 86-88 mph with good downhill plane. However, it sometimes hits 90 mph.

Field - N/A
Curveball  -  Widemen's curveball is a plus pitch. He uses his curveball as a strikeout pitch. It has a late, sharp, downward breaking movement that he uses to get the hitters chasing.

Speed - N/A
Changeup -  Widemen's changeup is also a plus pitch, which usually clocks between 76- 78 mph. The key for him in the long run is deception on the change, which will help keep his strikeout rate over 6.

Arm - N/A
Control -  Widemen's control is impeccable. It is a well above average (or plus-plus). He can locate the ball anywhere within the strikezone, which makes up for his lack of velocity.

Power - N/A  
Velocity -  Widemen's pitches don't have very much velocity. His fastball rarely reaches 90 mph, and his curveball is in the mid to high 70's. If he didn't have his amazing control, he would be out of baseball, in my mind.

Projection -  I expect Widemen to take another step up in the Jay's system, starting in Double A. He pitched well in High A last year with a 3.61 ERA, and I'm sure the Jays are anxious to see what he can do in his next step towards the Majors.