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Yesterday's Workout & Interview

Sorry for not having an update for you on yesterday's workout. I went to another hockey game with my friend.

Yesterday's workout was basically just live Batting Practice, with Dustin McGowan and Shaun Marcum facing Vernon Wells, Scott Rolen, Rod Barajas, and Travis Snider.

The format was pretty simple. Each pitcher threw 35 pitches. The hitters rotated every five pitches. The pitchers threw from behind a screen to a catcher who was in the batting cage.

There was one moderately hard-hit ball off McGowan. He kept his pitches down and looked very good. Marcum gave up five line drives, four off the bat of Snider.

In other news, yesterday's interview was a success. I had a great time sitting down and talking to Casey Janssen, asking him some of the questions you guys sent in, and some of my own. In all, I asked Tek 10 questions, which I am in the process of transferring my notes on to the laptop.  Keep a heads-up on Monday for the full interview to be posted exclusively on Bluebird Banter! Tell your friends!