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Scouting Report: Brandon Magee

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Brandon Magee
Toronto Blue Jays
Right Handed Pitcher

Scouts Rating: (When grading a player's tools, scouts use a standard 20-80 scale. When you read that a pitcher throws an above-average slider, it can be interpreted as a 60 pitch, or a plus pitch. Plus-plus is 70, or well-above-average, and so on. Scouts don't throw 80s around very freely.)

·    Overall: N/A
·    Average: N/A
·    Field: N/A
·    Speed: N/A
·    Arm: N/A
·    Power: N/A
·    ---------------
·    Overall: 60
·    Fastball: 60
·    Slider: 70
·    Changeup: 50
·    Control: 50
·    Velocity:   60

Overall - Brandon Magee looks to be an above average pitcher in the Majors, whenever he gets there, which should be around 2010. His fastball is a plus pitch, and his velocity is above average. His changeup is just average, as well as his control.  His slider is a plus-plus pitch, or a well above average pitch.

Average -  N/A
Fastball - Magee's fastball is a solid pitch, which has a slight sinking movement, but it still consistently clocks between 90-93 mph. He uses his downhill plane with his fastball to get more ground balls.

Field - N/A
Slider  -  Magee's slider is his best pitch and his strikeout pitch. It has a nice bite to it, which can fool the hitter. It registers in the mid 80s and draws comparisons to Joba Chamberlain's slider.

Speed - N/A
Changeup - There isn't much to say about Magee's changeup. The bottom drops out of it, like most changeups, and it registers in the mid to high 70s.  Magee has a tendency to overuse his changeup as a strikeout pitch when he already has his slider.

Arm - N/A
Control - Magee's control is average. I think that could be the thing that hurts his pitching at the Triple A level, when he reaches there. If he wants to reach the Majors, working on his control is a must for him to make it.

Power - N/A
Velocity - Magee doesn't have tremendous velocity, but it's enough for him to survive in the majors. I rate his velocity as above average only because of his slider and when his fastball clocks in at 93 mph.

Projection - I think the Jays should start Magee in the rotation at Double A, along with AJ Widemen. Perhaps a late season call up if he's pitching well, but I'd keep him at Double A for the season, if I were the Jays.