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Scouting Report: Brad Mills

Brad Mills
Toronto Blue Jays
Left Handed Pitcher

Scouts Rating: (When grading a player's tools, scouts use a standard 20-80 scale. When you read that a pitcher throws an above-average slider, it can be interpreted as a 60 pitch, or a plus pitch. Plus-plus is 70, or well-above-average, and so on. Scouts don't throw 80s around very freely.)

·    Overall: N/A
·    Average: N/A
·    Field: N/A
·    Speed: N/A
·    Arm: N/A
·    Power: N/A
·    ---------------
·    Overall: 60
·    Fastball: 60
·    Curveball: 50
·    Changeup: 5 0
·    Control: 60
·    Velocity:  6 0

Overall - Brad Mills profiles as a No. 5 Starter or Middle Reliever. His control and velocity are above average, and his fastball is a plus pitch. Both of his curveball and his changeup are only average pitches so he might need to develop another off speed pitch to use as a strikeout pitch.

Average - N/A
Fastball - Mills' fastball is an above average pitch, usually clocking around 92 mph. It has a little bit of movement so that's one thing he might want to work on so he progresses farther.

Field - N/A
Curveball  - Mills' curveball isn't anything great. It clocks in the mid 70s and has good spin, which gives it a nice, sharp break. It'd be nice to see Mills add a little more velocity to his curveball and use it as a strikeout pitch.

Speed - N/A
Changeup - Mills has your major league average changeup. There isn't much to say about it other than it consistently clocks in the mid 70s. Mills' changeup has been hit hard throughout his college career and he should start locating it in the strikezone better.

Arm - N/A
Control - Mills has plus control on all of his pitches, other than his changeup. If he wants to excel in the majors he should really work on developing some control over his changeup or else he won't make it far in Baseball.

Power - N/A
Velocity - Mills has good, solid velocity on his fastball, which clocks in the low 90s, topping out at 95 mph. His curveball and changeup just have average velocity, which makes his changeup even more hittable.

Projection - Mills will likely start 2008 in Class A+ Lansing to get some consistent work in.