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Easter Monday Update

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Hey all, on holiday for most of the week so I'm not sure how frequently I will be around, but some news on the Jays on this beautiful Pasquetta:

Scott Rolen suffered a fractured finger and also a ripped fingernail during a fielding drill. Rolen will have to see a hand specialist but it looks like he will be missing at least the first couple of weeks of the season. Marco Scutaro will be filling in and the Jays may also carry a lefthanded-hitting infielder like Joe Inglett or Russ Adams to fill out the roster.

In more positive fingernail news, A.J. Burnett has been able to throw his curveball, courtesy of a pasted-on fake nail.

J.P. announced that Rule 5 pick Randy Wells had made the Jays and would be part of the 25-man roster. Not sure what that means for the prospects of Brian Tallet, Brandon League, and Brian Wolfe, but it would seem as if League, at least, is a lock for the team despite the HR he surrendered yesterday to the Phillies. All 3 have had excellent springs. J.P. also mentioned that Armando Benitez would begin in AAA and wasn't yet ready.

In sad news for Sparky fans, the Jays released Reeder and announced that Shannon Stewart had won the job of right-handed left fielder. The Jays saved a significant amount of money by keeping Stewart rather than Reed, and it didn't come as a surprise to many that Stewart won the job. J.P. explained the decision by stating that Stewart was simply the "better offensive player." The Jays had many kind words for Reed, and, for his part, Stewart was non-celebratory about the Jays decision, stating that he felt awkward about the situation and that it was not "how [he] wanted to come back to Toronto."

Though Bluebird Banter expressed a great deal of skepticism at the Jays' decision last year to make Reed Johnson the leadoff hitter and everyday left fielder, we like Reed quite a lot and wish him nothing but the best where he ends up. Good luck, Sparky!

Bluebird Banter is preparing for a new format as part of a SB Nation wide effort, so be on the lookout for a new look for the site starting in the next couple of weeks.