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A Little Update For You

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Hey all, I hope everyone here at Bluebird Banter is doing good and is pumped for opening day on Monday in the Bronx! I know I sure am. I am usually very excited for Opening Day, but I am even more so this year because of all the time I have spent down in Florida, watching the players go through Spring Training.

I have just arrived back at my hotel after watching the Jays triumph over the Phillies for the second straght night, and eating a nice dinner. I am currently in Phillidalphia, flying in from Florida after Thursday's game. I went to both games at Citizens Bank Park and enjoyed them immensely. It's such a nice ballpark!

I have an 11:00 AM flight to New York tomorrow morning. In case you didn't know, I managed to get tickets to the entire Jays-Yankees Series. If you plan on watching the game, look for me in the lower bowl. I'll be wearing black sunglasses, a backwards Jays ball cap, and a Vernon Wells home jersey (Yes, I have my outfit picked out!).

After the series, I return home to little ol' Nova Scotia to cheer on the Jays in my rec-room with my fellow die-hards.

If you have any questions regarding my trip or just Spring Training in general, I will be posting an All Questions Answered Thread tomorrow.