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March 31, 2008, Game 1: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees

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Well, the moment has arrived and the 2008 season is set to begin. For all with access to a TV, the game will be broadcast on ESPN as our heroic corvids face off against the hated Evil Empire. Doc Halladay, pretty much the epitome of all that is right with the human race, will face off against Chien-Ming Wang (who I'm sure is also a fine person) in a battle of tall groundball pitchers. I don't have the Yankees lineup (had to do the gamethread post early due to work tomorrow), but the Jays' is as follows:

SS David Eckstein
LF Matt Stairs
RF Alexis Rios
CF Vernon Wells
DH Frank Thomas
1B Lyle Overbay
2B Aaron Hill
3B Marco Scutaro
C Greg Zaun

Anyway, I won't be around for the game, but stop by and chat for a bit if you get a chance. And so the 2008 season begins. Let's go Jays!


80% chance of showers (may have to wait another day for the season to start). A cool 7 degrees celsius (45 F).