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MLB Predictions for 2008!

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I've been busy with exams but one thing that needs to be done every year is your own predictions for the year. With opening day starting tomorrow (for us anyway), what are your predictions for the 2008 year. I promise to revisit them at the end of the year to see who's got the midas touch.


Rookie of the Year: Clay Buchholz (no hitter hype probably carries over)

MVP: Miguel Cabrera (he's not on Florida anymore and he's the best player in best player in baseball)

Cy Young: CC Sabathia

AL East (this has done by our writers already): 1. Boston Red Sox 2. Toronto Blue Jays 3. New York Yankees 4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5. Baltimore Orioles

I think they Toronto Blue Jays improve by 3 games with the Yankees a game or two back. I don't see the Yankees having that come back after early struggles with Girardi. Boston doesn't need an explanation (it's not fair!).

Al Central: 1. Detroit Tigers 2. Cleveland Indians 3. Kansas City Royals 4. Chicago White Sox 5. Minnesota Twins

Any other year, having Kansas City would be a stretch but I think they'll be a pleasant surprise. As for Detroit and Cleveland they are interchangeable to me.

AL West: 1. LAA Angels 2. Seattle Mariners 3. Oakland A's 4. Texas Rangers

I wanted to choose the Mariners (go Bedard) but once Lackey returns the Angels should be fine.

Wildcard : Cleveland Indians

Pennant: Detroit


Rookie of the year: Kosuke Fokudome (is that fair?)

CY Young: Mark Teixeira

MVP: Ryan Howard

NL East: 1. New York Mets 2. Atlanta Braves 3. Philadelphia Phillies 4. Florida Marlins 5. Washington Nationals

It was sad last year to see the Mets fall apart. They've made considerable moves at least to make sure that doesn't happen (see Santana). The Braves I expect to be solid but they did those Andruw Jones and their rotation has a mix of young and old. I expect the Phillies to struggle with their pitching but all three teams should make it interesting down the stretch.

NL Central: 1. Chicago Cubs 2. Cincinnati Reds 3. Milwaukee Brew Crew 4. St. Louis Cardinals 5. Houston Astros 6. Pittsburgh Pirates

Talk about flipping a coin. Other then Pittsburgh, anyone can be #1-5.

NL West: 1. Arizona Diamondbacks 2. Colorado Rockies 3. Los Angeles Dodgers 4. San Diego Padres 5. San Francisco Giants

This will be a fun division to watch as any team is both capable and worthy of winning this division. It's sad that 2 out of these 4 teams can't make the playoffs.

Wildcard : Colorado Rockies

Pennant: New York Mets

World Series champion: Detroit Tigers

What are your picks?