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Thank Heavens For Rain Delays

I never thought I would say this but: 'Thank heavens for rain delays'.

The Jays game against the Yankees was called after 5 innings today at Knology Park. Throough 5 innings, the Jays hadn't been able to get a hit off of 4 different Yankee starters - Phil Hughes, Kei Igawa, Scott Patterson, and Billy Traber.

Litsch pitched 2 innings today, giving up 3 hits and only one earned run. If he keeps pitching like this, the battle for the Jays 5th Spot In The Rotation will be between Casey Janssen and Gustavo Chacin. It already is, in my own opinion.

Hopefully the weather holds of tomorrow as the Jays play host to the Phillies at Knology Park. First pitch is at 1:05 PM.