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A Jack With One Eye - Game 9, April 10, 2008 - Oakland at Toronto

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Allright everyone. After yesterday's wretched loss, where the Jays jumped out to a nice 3-0 lead only to see Jeremy Accardo implode amidst a lousy defensive play by Marco Scutaro, the Jays are facing a sweep at home unless they can salvage tonight's game against Oakland. The Jays drew 9 walks yesterday and still managed to lose, which is fairly unbelievable, particularly considering that Dustin McGowan, Jason Frasor, and Scott Downs got the Jays to the 9th having given up only 2 runs. Accardo has really had a bad time of it this season and BJ Ryan cannot return soon enough, though the Jays other relivers have generally pitched well.

Incidentally, I attended the Nationals game tonight. The Nats played terrible, but after the game I headed for DC's Chinatown neighborhood and who did I see but Delaney Williams, a D.C. native who plays detective Jay Landsman on the Wire, widely considered to be the best TV show of all time, and one of my all-time favourites. Williams was very gracious and kind, and it was great to meet a member of one of the most talented casts on TV. Despite being a devotee of the show, I didn't even notice Williams until my friend and loyal Bluebird Banter ready Woody pointed him out. Of course, the fact that my wife taught in Baltimore public schools and I worked for the public defender in Baltimore while in law school gave me a little extra cred in the situation, but it was great regardless of any personal connection on my part. Perhaps best of all, Williams sent us off with a hearty "Go Nats!" Although I am a Jays fan, I'm also a DC resident and couldn't help but flush with a little pride in this display of hometown affection from a native.

Anyway, I am excited for tonight's game, which will feature an interesting pitching matchup. Shaun Marcum, who pitched great for the Jays his first time out, will face off against Dana Eveland, a young lefty who also pitched well in his first start for Oakland and who has a lot of potential despite sharing a first name with everyone's favourite spunky and skeptical special agent. I'll be around for the game, though I may not get home in time to post the lineups.

Let's go Jays!