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The Sun is Out and Up and Down Again

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The Jays won yesterday to get back to 5-5 on the season, a much needed win after their sweep in Oakland. Jesse Litsch had another good start to get the Jays on track, holding Texas to 2 runs on 6 hits over his 5 2/3 innings, while strking out 5. It's always good to see Litsch getting K's, as many folks were concerned that his low K rate last season would, if it continued, prevent him from being a successful starter. I'm not as concerned, considering that the Jays have an excellent defense, which lowers the impact of balls in play, because Litsch has shown an ability to limit walks and homers, and because Litsch was very young last season and always had decent K rates in the minors. But it's great to see him with a high strikeout start. He's certainly looking like a viable 5th starter so far.

Vernon Wells doubled in Toronto's first run and Lyle Overbay soon followed that inning with a bases-loaded double, giving the Jays a lead they would never surrender. Wells' double came off the glove of ever-popular ex-Jay Frank Catalanotto. The Jays continued to run rampant, with Zaun, Wells, Rios, and Coats (making his first start) swiping bases. Brian Wolfe and Jason Frasor yielded a HR and rbi single, respectively, to Josh Hamilton, but Scott Downs and newcomer Jesse Carlson held the Rangers and the Jays emerged victorious.

After the game, the Jays optioned Coats to AAA and called up infielder Joe Inglett. What I want to know is when the Jays are going to make room for Adam Lind. Lind is off to a fast start, hitting .424/.487/.727 thusfar. Robinson Diaz is also hitting well at Syracuse, while Curtis Thigpen is really struggling so far. The Jays don't really have room for Lind at the moment, but we will just have to see how things develop going forward. If the Jays are going to sit Thomas against some righties as Gibbons did last night, you could make a case for carrying both Stairs and Lind.

In other minors news, writer and friend of Bluebird Banter Jonathan Mayo has a new minors blog and as is typical of Jonathan's work, it's great. Recently on the site, guest writer Kevin Czerwinski has an interesting post about our very own Brett Cecil .

Bluebird Banter's cousin site AZ Snakepit has a get well card for pitcher Doug Davis. Davis was diagnosed with thryroid cancer and had his thyroid removed on Thursday. The card will eventually be sent on to the Diamondbacks, so the more signatures the card can generate, the better. The card is a fanpost and here's the link . Definitely stop by and send your best wishes.

Bugs & Cranks has a bit of a retro look at some old-school Jays, including a sweet one of Carlos Delgado catching. Check it out!

See everyone later on for the game thread!


Saturday Off-Topic Digression (a new mostly-weekly feature!)
By the way, today's title comes from a tune ("thirty-three") off arguably one of the best double-discs of all time, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I think I'd rate them as follows:
1. London Calling, the Clash
2. Being There, Wilco
3. Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan
4. The Beatles (White Album), the Beatles
5. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Smashing Pumpkins
With plenty of props to Songs in the Key of Life (Stevie Wonder) and 1999 and Sign O' the Times (both Prince). I'm not as big a fan of Exile on Main Street as some and I didn't like Physical Graffiti or the Wall much at all. I love Springsteen, but the River didn't need to be a double album. Surprisingly, Ryan Adams' Cold Roses is fairly close. List your top 5 double-albums of all time in the comments!