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Have a Little Faith, There's Magic in the Night: Game 16 - Texas at Toronto

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Thursday, April 17 - Toronto, Ontario
7:07 PM (EDT)

Texas Rangers
Ian Kinsler 2b
Frank Catalanotto lf
Josh Hamilton cf
Milton Bradley dh
Jason Botts 1b
David Murphy rf
Gerald Laird c
Ramon Vazquez ss
German Duran

Pitching: Vincente Padilla, RHP

Toronto Blue Jays

David Eckstein ss
Aaron Hill 2b
Alexis Rios rf
Vernon Wells cf
Frank Thomas dh
Matt Stairs lf
Lyle Overbay 1b
Greg Zaun c
Joe Inglett 3b

Pitching: Doc Halladay, RHP

Not much to say after yesterday, things just didn't work out. Doc is usually good at mending hearts though. I still haven't heard if Burnett will be making his start tomorrow or not, only that he replied " yeah" when asked if he would be ready. Coincidentally, if the Jays were to bring up a Fisher Cat, it is David Purcey's turn to pitch on Friday. Of course, starting him against just-broken out Detroit Tigers offense might not be the best idea.

The weather is way too nice to be on a computer right now, so I'm off to walk the pooch. See everyone at gametime!