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I Take All the Blame: Game 20, Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays

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A rare monday afternoon game completes this four-game series with Detroit, and Toronto has a chance to win the series 3-1 if they can manage a victory. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in the game thread or watch the game due to work. The Jays played well yesterday, getting good pitching from their bullpen, very fine defense, and a 3-run HR from David Eckstein. A.J. Burnett wasn't at his best, however. His fastball was jumping but his inability to locate his curveball and unwillingness to throw his changeup lead to lots of pitches and walks and eventually a Detroit team keyed in to his fastball.

Shaum Marcum, who has been great thusfar, will face off against Armando Galarraga, a 26-year old northpaw with only 2 career starts under his belt. Marcum has his work cut out for him as he is somewhat susceptible to the long ball and the Tigers have tons of power. Even their number 9 hitter, Brandon Inge, has hit as many as 27 home runs in a season.

Adam Lind, who we have discussed as Frank Thomas' heir apparent as the everyday DH, has been nursing a sore neck and will not be ready for the game. Robinson Diaz has been called up instead, but it's unclear whether he will actually play or whether he is mere catcher insurance so the Jays can feel "comfortable" using Barajas as the DH. I don't want to talk about Rod Barajas, DH anymore.

Let's go Jays!