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Don't Let's Start: Game 21 - Toronto at Tampa

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Well, yesterday's game was frustrating as hell. Marcum had uncharacteristic difficulty controlling the zone and was victimized by shady defense, a little hit-bunching, and a terrible Jays offense that couldn't manage anything until Gregg Zaun went deep with the bases empty in the 8th. The split with Detroit leaves the Jays at .500, a familiar place for our heroes. Rolen and Lind can't get healthy soon enough. I'll be around for the game tonight, but probably won't be around earlier on as I'm going to try to get a run in. The weather here has been downright biblical though, so the torrential rain may stop me from running. It was a little creepy driving home from rehearsal last night and seeing dozens of wrecked cars on the road.

Jesse Litsch faces off against James Shields tonight and looks to improve upon his last outing, which was his worst of the season. The way the offense has been going, the Jays may need a great performance from Litsch, and Shields is quite a good pitcher as well. As long as Barajas isn't DHing, I'm happy.