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I'm Not Done and I Won't Be Till My Head Falls Off, Though it May Not Be a Long Way Off - Game 25, Toronto at K.C.

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Friday, April 25- Kansas City, Missouri
8:10 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
ss David Eckstein
2b Aaron Hill
rf Alexis Rios
cf Vernon Wells
dh Matt Stairs
3b Scott Rolen
1b Lyle Overbay
lf Adam Lind
c Gregg Zaun

Pitching: Shaun Marcum, rhp

Kansas City Royals

cf David DeJesus
2b Alberto Collaspo
3b Alex Gordon
lf Jose Guillen
rf Mark Teahen
dh Brett Butler
1b Ross Gload
c John Buck
ss Tony Pena Jr.

Pitching: Luke Hochevar, RHP

"Sometimes Sh*t Happens" That was A.J. Burnett after last n ight's 8-4 abomination in Kansas City. The Jays looked like they were finally going to win one convincingly as Lyle Overbay slugged his first homerun of the season and Scott Rolen played smooth defense and hit a 2-out, 2-run double to give the Jays a two run lead heading into the 8th.

It's easy to blame Gibbons, for what happened yesterday, and there's no doubt that his moves were questionable. He left A.J. in for too long and intentionally walked one of the worst hitters in the league, Tony Pena Jr. But the biggest problem was the scrapmeister David Eckstein. With the Jays still up 4-2 and with Scott Downs in to face lefty Ross Gload with 1 out and runners on 1st and 3rd, Downs got a comebacker from Gload. He fielded it cleanly, spun, and made a perfect throw to David Eckstein covering second, with plenty of time for Eckstein to take the throw and throw on to first. Eckstein, though, just plain dropped the ball, and the Jays watched their game slip away as Downs was unable to get out of the inning until it was long over. I can't help but mention that Eckstein had previously made an awful throwing error that cost the Jays a run.

Anyway, at least Rolen's return can be counted as a positive, as can Lyle's first HR of the season. But the biggest positive has got to be that Adam Lind has finally been called up to the big team. Joe Inglett was sent down to make room. Nothing against Inglett, but I like the fact that I no longer have to worry about him trying to play the outfield or about Scutaro/Barajas/Inglett at the end of the lineup. Welcome to the team, Adam! Of course, Gibby is hitting you 8th.

Shaun Marcum pitches today against #1 pick Luke Hochevar and it will be interesting to see what he's got.