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Slowly Twisting in the Wind: Game 26 - Toronto at K.C.

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Well everyone, yesterday was a fairly demoralizing loss, even after all the others. And by "fairly" I mean, of course, "soul-crushingly." The Jays put runners on in virtually every inning, outhit the Royals, outwalked the Royals, took advantage of 2 errors by the Royals, and got an excellent performance from their starting pitcher and still managed to lose. Of course, the culprit was again hitting with men on base. In fact, were it not for one of the errors, the Jays would not have scored any runs at all, since their run came on a Tony Pena Jr. error on a tailor-made inning-ending double play ball. On the plus side, Marcum looked fairly sharp, Overbay continued his walk parade, Rolen doubled again, and Stairs is still hot. Are the Jays just getting really unlucky, or is there something else at work here? Last season was a little different as the team was also horrendous at getting on base, but we're getting on base at a decent clip this season, aren't we? (team OBP .346, though a .366 cumulative slugging percentage is nothing to write home about) One interesting fact is that despite everything, we've still scored more runs than we've allowed, and our Pythagorean record is 13-12, which isn't even bad. Will things turn around soon?

Maybe the streak will stop at 6? I won't be around to find out, as I'm lunching with a few friends who are on their way out of town. Gil Meche will face off against Jesse Litsch. Meche has been terrible this season, so clearly a no-hitter is in the works. But I'll take a good start from Litsch and no profanity from Gibbons (though I can't really blame him, but it shouldn't be directed at his young pitcher) as that would be a step up from last time. Let's go Jays!