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I'm Not Looking For a New England: Game 27, Toronto at Boston

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Tuesday, April 29- Boston, Massachusetts
7:05 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
rf Alexis Rios
ss David Eckstein
3b Scott Rolen
cf Vernon Wells
2b Aaron Hill
1b Lyle Overbay
dh Shannon Stewart
lf Adam Lind
c Gregg Zaun
Pitching: Doc Halladay, rhp

Boston Red Sox

cf Coco Crisp
2b Dustin Pedroia
dh David Ortiz
lf Manny Ramirez
1b Kevin Youkilis
3b Mike Lowell
rf J.D. Drew
c Jason Varitek
ss Julio Lugo

Pitching: Jon Lester, LHP

We were trying to decide in the comments of yesterday's off-day thread who would DH tonight against the southpaw Lester. Well, we have our answer, Shannon Stewart. Stewart is going to have to show something soon or I think the Jays will lose patience with him. He's batting an abhorent .212/.323/.269 and has scored only 5 runs despite batting mostly at the top of the order. He has drawn a decent amount of walks, but that can't be expected to last if he keeps slugging .269. In fairness to him, he hasn't even had 70 plate appearances, but something tells me the Jays aren't going to wait around very long for him.

I'm not crazy about starting Eckstein today, I would've liked to see Mac behind Doc, just given his groundball tendencies and the way the Red Sox have played Doc (hack hack hack, which goes against their normal strategy but seems to work fairly well against him).

By the way, Lester has been terrible for Boston this season. Really, he's having the same problems he's had in the major leagues in past seasons -- 19 walks to only 16 strikeouts is certainly not going to get the job done. He's given up lots of hits as well (37 in only 31 1/3 innings) and coupled with the walks, he's rather lucky to be sporting a 5.40 ERA, really. He did have one terrific start against Oakland, but other than that, his best start has been one in which he gave up 10 hits over 6 1/3 innings. So, the Jays should be trying to take the exact opposite approach the Sox are taking with Doc - they should force Lester to throw strikes and then pound them. Of course, this game is seldom what you expect.

I'll be listening to rather than watching the game, as Mrs. Hugo hosts the Silver Spring Women Writers' Group on Tuesday. Sounds like something out of a Bronte novel, doesn't it? Let's go Jays!

By the way, today's title comes from the rabble-rousing voice of the workingman, Billy Bragg. Not sure about his politics, but I sure do love his music.