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I have just arrived back home in Nova Scotia after a long vacation/road trip. It was a great exprience and I encourage everybody that can to go down to Florida and watch Spring Training. It really is a great thing to watch and extremely interesting!

In totally unrelated news, I have just started writing over at Over The Monster, the Boston Red Sox SB Nation Blog. I hope you don't hold this against me! Also, when I was down in Florida, some of the Red Sox Scouts at the game had noticed I had been at every Blue Jay Spring Training Event and they had noticed me writing about the Jays. We started talking and I told them I was currently unemployed and looking for a job. They said that they knew of a newspaper in Florida that was looking for a Red Sox Beat Writer. The Head of the newspaper was originally from Boston and he said that he wanted members of Red Sox Nation in Florida to enjoy the perks of having a Beat Writer follow their favorite team. He offered me the job and I accepted. So now I'm writing for two blogs as well as a newspaper! Also, because the newspaper is based in Florida, I'm moving down there tomorrow! While I was away, I called my parents and they arranged for the movers to move my stuff down to my new house in Florida (Orlando, to be exact). I will post some pictures of my house once I have settled in there (probably sometime tomorrow evening). But I won't be at my house very much. I will either be in Boston or another city, living out of a hotel. The only times I will be home are the All Star Break and the Off-Season. I'm being paid very well and all my expenses are paid for by the newspaper during the season! I am very excited! But don't worry, I'll still be able to cover the Jays for Bluebird Banter just as much as before. The only down side is I'm going to be on the road constantly and staying up at all hours of the night to blog on two teams and write articles for the paper.

I fly to Boston on Monday morning to get prepared for the first day of writing on the Boston Red Sox on their Home Opener!