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There Ain't No One Going To Turn Me Round

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Hey all. The Jays are flying high today after sweeping division rival and the defending world champion Boston Red Sox, who are of course lamely blaming it on their Japan trip. The exhuberant Big Star tune the Ballad of El Goodo (if you don't know Big Star, you should check out their #1 Record/Radio City record, it's great stuff.)

In some additional encouraging news we haven't yet discussed, B.J. Ryan pitched in his second rehab appearance for the Dunedin Jays yesterday. Ryan pitched an inning , striking out 1 over 12 pitches, 7 of which were strikes. He reportedly felt quite good, and it is encouraging to see him working on only 1 day rest. Gustavo Chacin also pitched for Dunedin yesterday, but the results were not so good.

I'm composing this thread quite early, as I will be working late tomorrow and then meeting up with a friend who is in town, so I won't get to see most of the game. But it should be a good one, with a great pitching matchup. A.J. Burnett will oppose Rich Harden in a battle of two starters with all the potential in the world but frustrating injury records. Harden, the native of Victoria island, has already made two successful starts this season, while A.J. was just fine the last time out.

Perhaps someone can add the lineups when they are announced. There is supposed to be a way to have it done automatically with the new site, but I don't think that feature is working at the moment. Hopefully, it will be soon.

Let's go Jays!