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Down to the Bottom of the Sea: Game 39, Jays at the Indians of Cleveland


Toronto Blue Jays @ Cleveland Indians

05/11/08 1:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Cleveland Indians
Brad Wilkerson - RF Grady Sizemore - CF
Aaron Hill - 2B Ben Francisco - RF
Alex Rios - CF David Dellucci - LF
Scott Rolen - 3B Victor Martinez - C
Matt Stairs - DH Jhonny Peralta - SS
Lyle Overbay - 1B Travis Hafner - DH
Marco Scutaro - SS Ryan Garko - 1B
Rod Barajas - C Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B
Joe Inglett - LF Casey Blake - 3B

If you actually watched the entire game on Saturday, you're a far better man than I. I got in from my gig at around 8:30, saw the Jays down 12-0, and immediately put in a Netflix (The Fisher King, which I liked a lot). Between that and the bad news regarding Wells, things are looking pretty bad right now. Newcomers Wilkerson and Mench haven't exactly lit things up. Once the 10 days have passed, I hope the Jays send someone down and recall Lind - the way the offense is going, it's not like Lind can make it any worse, so we might as well give him some regular MLB at-bats and see if he shows himself to be a major-league hitter, since he will be 25 in July.

I won't be around for the game today, as it's Mother's Day and I have a feeling Mrs. Hugo might prefer, well, pretty much anything to watching the Jays flail uselessly against another left-handed pitcher. The Jays will throw Shaun Marcum, while the Indians counter with Cliff Lee, who is pitching even better this season than Marcum is. Maybe that drubbing will wake something up in the Jays, who knows? At the very least, ruining their pythagorean record will hide their pathetic performance in the clutch.

Update: 5.12.2008: Let's go ahead and use this game thread for this afternoon's 4 pm game. Torgen is, as usual, right on the mark, and I jumped the gun one start. It's A.J. Burnett against Fausto Carmona this afternoon, and then the 2nd half of the trad. doubleheader will be the Marcum-Lee matchup.