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Water Spirals the Wrong Way Down the Sink - Game 45, Jays at Phillies

So, David Purcey didn't do so hot yesterday. Purcey struggled with his control, walking far too many, and gave up a couple of big home runs to Jason Werth (who also homered off Jesse Litsch). The Jays went way behind early and never came back, though Alex Rios had some good at-bats, which was a nice sign. If Rios and Hill are out of their slumps, Stairs stays hot, and Overbay continues to hit reasonably well, the Jays should score some more runs. At least Litsch and Tallet pitched effectively out of the pen so the bullpen wasn't evicerated after Purcey's 3-inning start.

There's really no excuse tonight, as the Jays are facing Adam Eaton, who is very not good. Eaton's 24 Ks and 21 Walks over 43 innings means that the Jays should be able to muster some runs. A.J. Burnett pitches for the Jays, and looks to follow up an effective start against Cleveland with another one tonight.

Date night tonight, so I doubt I'll be around for much of the game. If we could've only won yesterday, the They Might Be Giants quotes could end, but we dropped back to 2 games under .500. And this after we had actually managed to climb out of last place. We're now back to tied for last with the Yankees (slightly better winning percentage, but 1 behind in the loss column).

But I'll post early, if only to report that look who's leading AL Shortstops in RZR. Of course, Michael Young being second might lead people to discredit it, and fielding stats are far from perfect, but interesting nonetheless.