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I Stand Corrected - Game 48: Angels at Jays

Last night was pretty frustrating. McGowan wasn't great but generally got the job done, but the Jays just couldn't convert with runners on. The last two innings were particularly frustrating. In the 8th the Jays loaded the bases with no out after some great at-bats, only to watch Matt Stairs strike out and Shannon Stewart bounce into a double play. The 9th was no better, where the Jays loaded the bases against Francisco Rodriguez but Aaron Hill popped up on a 1-0 count and Alexis Rios struck out looking on a 3-2 count (after having been 3-0). Well, the Jays have been playing well, so let's not dwell on one bad game. Marcum pitches today against Jon Garland and it'll be interesting to see how Marcum does after 2 days rest following his one-inning rain-abridged performance in the city of brotherly love.

I will be around only for the second half of tonight's game, as I have a softball game after work. Not sure who we're playing, but they're about to get smacked down. Except probably not.