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How a Resurrection Really Feels: Game 53, Royals at Jays


Kansas City Royals @ Toronto Blue Jays

05/26/08 12:37 PM EDT

Kansas City Royals Toronto Blue Jays
David DeJesus - LF Shannon Stewart - LF
Mark Grudzielanek - 2B Joe Inglett - 2B
Alex Gordon - 3B Alex Rios - CF
Jose Guillen - DH Scott Rolen - 3B
Billy Butler - 1B Matt Stairs - DH
Mark Teahen - RF Lyle Overbay - 1B
Miguel Olivo - C Marco Scutaro - SS
Tony Pena - SS Brad Wilkerson - RF
Joey Gathright - CF Gregg Zaun - C

I love me some Hold Steady. Well, the weather is beautiful, I had a nice long run this morning, I'm reasonably on track in terms of the work I had to do this weekend, and the Jays chase the sweep this afternoon at the RC against the Royals. If the Jays win today, I think it's fair to say that they're all the way back into serious contention. Really, that's true even if they lose today, but 3 games over will look a lot better than one. There will be many additional tests, the first of which will be a tough road trip against Oakland, LAAAAAAA, and the Yankees, but let's not minimize what they've done. The only problem is that Boston and the Rays have been playing very good baseball as well, and the Yankees too have come on strong recently, so the Jays sit 4 games from first and 3 1/2 from the wild card. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, anyway. Shaun Marcum faces off against his hometown team, and crafty northpaw Brett Tomko pitches for K.C. Marcum was just fine last time out with the exception of two pitcher's pitches that Vlad Guererro smacked out of the park for all four Anaheim runs.