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Love is Just a Joy Ride; Drink a Lot of Beer and Climb Inside - Game 31, Chicago at Toronto

The Jays won again last night, behind some fantastic pitching by Shaun Marcum, who pitched great despite suffering quite a bit from the flu bug that's been going around. Not only was Marcum able to take the mound, but he struck out 9 over his 6 2/3 innings and didn't surrender any runs. Jesse Carlson, Jeremy Accardo, Shaun Camp, and Scott Downs closed out the game quite well and that was that. Marcum was aided by the defensive presence of his infield, including some great plays by John McDonald. Rolen, Overbay, and Hill all contributed stellar plays as well.On the other hand, the Jays' inability to score even one run with runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs was discouraging and would've been even moreso had the Jays won.

Basically, the last 2 games have been exactly like the awful road trip, the only difference being that the Jays have been coming out on top. But I'll take it for now.

Today, Jesse Litsch faces off against John Danks. Both men's peripherals tell a similar story, but Danks has been the more effective pitcher this season so far, though Litsch looked great his last time out. The game will be blacked out, but I look forward to listening to it while firing up the barbacue. If the weather really holds up, though, I may check out the Nationals game.

Saturday afternoon digression: What is the worst job you've ever had. I don't mind sharing that my worst job, by far, was working in a warehouse. It wasn't ventilated and the diesel fumes from the forklift and other machinery made everyone sick. That job was only a half-step above my second-worst job, which was lawyering at one of poshest law firms in the U.S.