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No One in This World Ever Gets What They Want and That is Beautiful: Game 34, Rays at Jays

I'm hoping this is the last They Might Be Giants title for the season and that the Jays can get back to .500 soon. Yesterday, they came up just short, with A.J. Burnett having ths stuff for a dominant start but just not being able to get it done, and the Jays offense coming up just short. It was a frustrating game, and the worst part wasn't the Scutaro dp, or Wells getting picked off, or the numerous first-pitch outs, but the fact that both David Eckstein and John MacDonald hurt themselves and had to leave the game. Eckstein appeared to strain his groin, while Mac's injury looked like it could be more serious. On the plus side, Tallet was good, Camp was great, and Lyle looked locked in at the plate, walking, sharply singling, hitting a long sacrifice fly, and just missing a HR when his RBI double bounced off the top of the dead centerfield wall and back into play. The Jays look to strike back tonight as two fine young pitchers face off. Matt Garza goes for Tampa while Shaun Marcum looks to keep his excellent season going for the Jays. Marcum's Whip is under 1 and he's struck out an impressive 35 in 40 innings, while only walking 15.

I won't be around for lineups today, as I'm playing softball after work. But I'll be back for most of the game. Let's go Jays!