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Everything Is Broken - Game 59, Jays at Angels

I was unable to watch the game yesterday, as my cable decided to stop working yesterday afternoon. I tried to watch a DVD (the Dylan movie "I'm Not There" hence today's title), but the DVD from Netflix also did not work (although it sucked me into the movie for an hour before not working anymore, which was lovely). This morning I attempted to mow the lawn, but the new lawnmower we just bought also does not work. Cable is still down so I will be unable to watch today's game, but that's okay because I have to work anyway. Fun weekend.

Anyway, the Jays were unable to put many runs on the board against Angels starter John Lackey, and when they finally did give starter Shaun Marcum a 2-1 lead, he was unable to hold it and gave the run back. Not to blame Marcum, who battled all night and finished with a fine 7 innings, 2 runs, line (though he gave up a lot of hits and only struck out 2). Downs and Benitez did a good job holding the Angels for 2 innings, but the Jays weren't able to score (though they had chances), and Brian Tallet gave up the winning run in the 10th. Of course, the Rays, Yankees, and Sox all won.

They look to strike back today, with A.J. Burnett on the mound against Jon Garland, who's been effective in his first season for Anaheim so far in spite of a ghastly 19/25 K/BB ratio over 71 2/3 innings. Well, I'm headed in to work now. At least if my computer doesn't work, I'll have an excuse to come home and blow off the rest of the day!