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Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon / In the Summertime, In the Summertime, In the Summertime - Game Thread, Mariners at Jays

It's quite hot here, though not officially summer yet, and the Kinks are always great for a game thread title. Solid win for the team yesterday - it's great to see them hit some dingers, and McGowan was splendid. Hopefully he can bring his good stuff out on the road next time, as he's been awful on the road.

The rubber game today features a quality pitching matchup - Shaun Marcum and Felix Hernandez. Both have pitched much better than their records would indicate.

In lineup news, David Eckstein hits in the leadoff spot today as the slumping Alex Rios has the day off. Scott Rolen is also off today and Marco Scutaro gets the start at third, giving the lineup a very non-threatening look. Curtis Thigpen will also make his first start of the season behind the dish, as Greg Zaun is rehabbing in Syracuse. With the offday tomorrow, I'm sure the Jays won't hesitate to pinch-hit for Thigpen, but I'd like to see what he can do. Let's go Jays!