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Thank You For Making Me See There's Life in Me, It Was Dying to Get Out - Game 70: Cubbies at Jays

The Jays have certainly bent over the past couple of weeks, but haven't broke - and yesterday was a perfect example. Since reaching their high water mark of 5 games over .500, the Jays have repeatedly dropped back to .500, but always won their next game.

Yesterday's game was a good one - On the offensive side, Alexis Rios had 2 doubles and a single, and Matt Stairs and Scott Rolen went back to back in the 3rd inning to give the Jays a 3-0 lead. A.J. Burnett battled despite not having his best stuff and picked up the win and the bullpen did a great job over the final 4 innings of the game, with Downs, B.J., Wolfe, Camp, and Cy all contributing, making the lead stand up.

Unfortunately I have to work today and so won't be able to watch the game - but it should be a quality one. On paper, the pitching matchup favors the Jays. Doc Halladay faces off against Jason Marquis. Let's go Jays!

Today's game thread brought our way by beloved Chicago band Jets to Brazil.