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I Don't Want to See It At My Windowsill - Game 73, Jays at Brewers

Yesterday was not the best day for our heroes, who are now 2 games below .500 and look to be, as we've seen before, really sputtering into the all-star break. They really need to turn things around, but their continued lack of hitting really makes things difficult.

Tonight, Shaun Marcum faces off against Ben Sheets, who is unlikely to solve the Jays' hitting woes. Sheets is dominant when healthy and has been fantastic this season. Luckily, Shaun Marcum has been just as good for the Jays, though his record does not reflect it as it stands locked at 5-3.

I hope to actually get to watch the game tonight as I have a small reprieve from work - our pretrial conference was today and so I'm knocking off a bit early, getting a run in, and then hoping to watch the game. Let's go Jays!!!