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Lord, I'm Discouraged - Game 74, Jays at Brewers

I know we just had a Hold Steady reference, but I've been listening to their new record, "Stay Positive" nonstop and this one was just too perfect. The season is almost half over and the Jays sit in last place and have shown very little to suggest that much will be changing (except perhaps the manager) in the near future.

Yesterday's game featured the usual suspects - poor situational hitting, double plays, and poor hitting at the top of the lineup. Shaun Marcum actually pitched reasonably well but was the victim of two bunt (one sacrifice, one swinging) RBIs and two solo home runs and ended up losing.

Aaron Hill is not close to returning, Alex Rios is still struggling mightily, and the production out of the corner outfield spots has been abysmal.

This afternoon, the Jays look to put up a fight against old friend David Bush, and perhaps steal the final game of the series. They've already dropped the series, which means 6 in a row. A.J. Burnett pitches for the Jays.