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After Changes Upon Changes We Are More Or Less the Same - Game thread, Jays at Pirates

Want proof that the manager and coaching staff don't matter? Last night was certainly exhibit a to that effect, though there is a lot more that remains to be proven. The Jays' offense sputtered against lefty Zach Duke, and stranded Doc Halladay despite a 7 inning, 7 K, no run performance. The Pirates won in the 12th and the first day of the Cito Gaston regime came to an unhappy end.

Will tonight be different? Jesse Litsch hopes for a bit more run support than Doc got. He faces off against another lefty, Paul Malholm. Litsch is still having an effective season, but hasn't been great as of late. Let's see how he does against Pittsburgh, and more importantly, whether the bats will ever snap out of this.

Today's title comes from the famous and rare version of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer" containing an extra verse. They played it at their famous Central Park concert in 1981. I was there (I'm told), all of 1 year old. Let's go Jays!