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Roy Halladay Will Have His Revenge on Seattle - Game 84, Jays at Mariners

The Jays, victorious in two straight NL series (though once again one of the only AL teams that doesn't clean up in interleague), take their show on the road to Seattle. the team that beat them a few weeks back in a series by scoring only 6 runs.

Tonight, Doc Halladay pitches for the Jays against knuckler R.A. Dickey. I know Doc didn't pitch against the M's in the last series, but the Nirvana reference was too perfect and who knows if I'll remember to use it later, considering that tomorrow is the first day of my monthlong trial. Being a lawyer - not so fun right now.

Well, I'm hoping to watch the game today, a bit of calm before the storm, but we'll see how that works out. Let's go Jays!