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This City's a Mess, This City's a Mess, This City's a Mess - Game 65, Orioles at Jays

Anybody like Said the Whale? They're a Vancouver band that just put out a new record and I have to say, I really dig it, particularly the song from which today's title is drawn.

Yesterday's game was just plain ugly. A.J. had decent stuff, but appeared to not be as focused as he could've been, putting guys on base in bad situations and laying an egg in a game where the Jays really needed a pickup. Vernon Wells did come back, which is exciting, and he hit a double for good measure. But the Jays can't afford to keep losing, particularly against Baltimore. We knew they wouldn't go 20-10 in every month like they did in May, but this 1-5 start to June is looking very very bad at the moment.

Doc Halladay pitches against Radhames Liz today, a young righthander who just recently recorded his first major-league win. It goes without saying that the Jays really Doc to go out and pitch a strong game so they can break this losing streak, before we again find ourselves below .500, muttering They Might Be Giants song lyrics to ourselves again.