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A Sort of Homecoming - Game 66, Mariners at Jays

It's been great to have Vernon Wells back over the past two days. Yesterday was a perfect example of how Wells can make a big difference in the lineup. In the 6th inning, with the Jays down 4-2 and looking down the barrel of a sweep at home at the hands of B-more, Wells crushed a line drive homerun that put the Jays within one. Lyle Overbay followed with a walk and then scored the tying run on a double by the Cap'm, who scored what would be the winning run on a sacrifice fly by Marco Scutaro, who continues to play well in a fill-in role.

On the pitching side, Doc Halladay was steady and continued to show the strikeout touch, fanning 7 and walking no one over 7.2 innings to collect the win. Halladay had trouble with lefty Luke Scott, who hit two home runs, which accounted for 3 of Baltimore's 4 runs. Scott Downs got the final out in the 8th, and B.J. Ryan bounced back with a fine 9th inning to close out the Jays' 1-run win.

Tonight, the Jays welcome the Seattle Mariners for a 3-game series. Seattle is currently the worst team in baseball and has lost 6 of their last 7 games. The Mariners have been particularly hopeless on the road where they are 8-22 so far this season. Tonight, Jesse Litsch will face off against Jarrod Washburn. Litsch has been great this season but struggled against the Yankees his last time out. He looks to bounce back tonight.

For my part, I'm excited to have a chance to watch the game tonight as I won't be working too late. See y'all at gametime!