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We Had Some Massive Nights - Game Thread, Jays at Mariners

I don't know where all these Hold Steady references keep coming from? Something about summer, I guess.

Doc Halladay once again proved why he is one of my favourite all-time players. He just threw and threw and threw, carving up Seattle to the tune of a masterful 4-hit shutout. The Jays provided just enough offense, with the 4 infielders (Scoot, Eckstein, Scott Rolen, and Lyle Overbay) contributing while the rest of the lineup mostly taking the night off.

Tonight, the Jays continue to try to scratch back to .500, with Jesse Litsch taking the mound against Ryan Rowland-Smith, who sounds like he should be captaining Yale University's Crew Team rather than pitching baseball. Litsch was great the last time out and is still sporting a nice record and ERA - not many Ks, but up from last season, and he is keeping his walks much lower which has helped him.

Let's go Jays!