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Echos of the Past Ring in My Ears, Game Recap.

Now I remember why I disliked Cito so so much all those years ago.  The 6th inning was what I hated about him in an quick, easy lesson. The man made sitting on his hands an art form. AJ’s over the 100 pitch level and has a big lead. He gives up singles to the first two guys.  Gets an out. Gives up a walk. Now the bases are loaded and any other manager would have guys up in the pen. Not Cito. Another single and two runs in. Then another single and another run. Three runs in, the 7 run lead is now 4 and with 2 guys on and a pitcher over 100 pitchers, 99 managers out of 100 would have him out of the game. Save your starter’s era if nothing else, he’s shown he’s lost it. But Cito….he’s the 100th guy, he wants to show faith in his pitcher.

Well, faith gives up a three run homer and makes it a one run game. Finally Cito gets off his hands and pulls AJ and brings in Cy.  Cy hasn’t been as great recently, but tonight….he was great for 1.2 innings.  Downs pitches a good inning and BJ finishes up giving up a home run, but still gets the save.  And we win inspite of Cito. And we owe a debt of thanks to a plate umpire who made an astoundingly awful call on a play at the plate. A nice throw by Rios and a almost tag by Barajas and we got to keep our lead.

I’d almost say that Cito was trying to lower AJ’s trade value. But leaving him out to give up 6 earned runs in an inning was stupid by anyone’s terms. Part of the problem of leaving AJ out there to make it a game again is that suddenly we have to use the best of our bullpen instead of using our lesser arms saving Downs and BJ for another day.

Here’s tonight’s fangraph….is quite interesting today.


As you can see the Jays had the game well in hand…over a 95% win chance….but the fangraphs calculations didn’t take Cito’s statue impersonation in to account. The graph took a hard down turn in the O’s half of the 5th but thankfully we held on. Jays of the Day are Rolen (.198 wpa), Eck (.185), Scoot (.113) and Cy Carlson (.117). Honorable mention Downs, BJ and MacDonald….and Barajas for selling that almost tag at the plate. Suckage Jay….by wpa should be AJ but I think it’s unfair to charge him for Cito’s dumbness. Lind’s wpa was -.111, even though he hit a double. He was removed again in the 9th for inglett as a defensive replacement. I would like to ask Cito why he doesn’t show faith in Lind’s defense…he isn’t that bad with a glove.

We managed to hit into our 100th double play…still on pace to set a new record. Yay. But we did hit a left hander hard and when was the last time we did that.

On the news front, McGowan was put on the 15 day DL and Wolfe was recalled. What that will do to the potential trade of AJ I’m not sure.  If McGowan and Marcum are out for awhile and AJ is traded, we would only have 2 established starter, Doc and Litsch. Parrish and Purcey can fill two of those spots but don’t know what we would use to fill three spots. Tallet is to start on Sunday….that should be interesting, he did pitch two innings yesterday….hopefully he can be stretched to 4.

In other bad news Vernon grabbed at his leg after running to third in the 6th. He did stay in to score but was pulled in the bottom of the inning. The Jays said it was a cramp but it didn’t look like a cramp to me. Am hoping he isn’t out for awhile, but it would surprise me.

Tomorrow the O’s have Jeremy Guthrie (5-7, with a 3.61 era) going against John Parrish (1-0, 1.50 in his one start). Hope Parrish can keep pitching well, looks like we will need him. We still have a shot at getting to .500 by the break. And if we win tomorrow we would be tied with Baltimore for 4th spot. May not sound like much but small steps……

I’m busy tomorrow night and won’t be able to watch the game but I’ll try to get the game thread up.